WNY’s are Hoping the Erie County Fair Happens This Year

The Erie County Fair was definitely missed last summer. Since its beginning, the Erie County Fair has been one of the most exciting events every summer in Western New York. Many residents in the area wait every year for it to take place, and last year, we had to cancel for obvious reasons. This year, we have a little bit of hope.

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The governor is working on giving guides to each fair in the state to have them be able to hold their events this summer. So, Western New Yorkers will still have to wait patiently, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel this year for fair goers.

Erie County Fair Staff & Board Planning Ahead

Erie County Fair staff and board are working on their plans for when they get the go-ahead for the fair this summer. They’re looking at all options on what they’ll be allowed to do when it comes to the operation of the event. This is a good sign for all Western New Yorkers who’ve been waiting patiently for the word on the Erie County Fair.

Why is the Erie County Fair Important for the Community?

Fairs are always good for the local community. It brings new business to local shops, and it gives residents of the community something to look forward to every summer. Sure, it can be annoying when it comes to traffic, but it is only once a year.

The Erie County Fair is just another reason for people to relocate to Western New York. With summer approaching, everyone in the area is looking forward to going to festivals, concerts, fairs, and other events. The hope is that we can have all of these events happen with the proper COVID-19 protocols in place for the health and safety of everyone.

Why Move to Western New York?

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