Winter Photography in Buffalo, NY

BUFFALO, NY – There is plenty to offer when it comes to photogenic places in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas. When the winter wonderland hits this scenic region, photographers and enthusiasts get out and search for the best spots in town to take those snowy photos. Living in Town Hall Terrace, you’ll have easy access to these wonderful places!

If you’re looking for snowy vantage points, we can tell you where they are.

Buffalo cityscape from City Hall

Vantage Point from City Hall

You can’t ask for anything more when City Hall offers you free access to the observation deck. Viewing the entire city at this vantage point is breathtaking, especially in the winter! Many residents of Western New York never take the opportunity to get a view of their city. This cityscape view will give you an appreciation like no other of Buffalo, NY.

Theater District in Downtown Buffalo

Right on Main Street in downtown Buffalo, NY lies the theater district. This two-way section of the street includes the tracks for the NFTA metro that runs up and down the strip. Even in the snowy winters, this spot is bustling with workers and visitors trying to get a glimpse of the wintery scene. It’s a perfect spot to take portraits in the center of the platform with the metro passing on both sides of you.

Frozen Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls offers an incredible snow globe for winter photos. You may catch a frozen-falls during this time of the year. Even if the falls aren’t completely frozen, the scenery is gorgeous when it is snowy and cold out. The snow around the falls will glisten in the winter light for great portraits and landscape photography.


South Grand Island Bridge

This tucked away spot underneath the South Grand Island Bridge is right around the corner from Town Hall Terrace. Living with us will almost force you to check out this scenic spot. Movies like A Quiet Place 2 were filmed on this bridge. Getting a glimpse of the water underneath when it’s a snowy winter is beautiful. The reflection of the bridge off the water will give you plenty of photos to decorate your apartment or townhouse with.

If you’re in search of a comfortable and quiet place to live in the Western New York area close to these wonderful photo spots, Town Hall Terrace is the place to be. We offer apartments, townhouses, and patio homes for rent with varying prices and plenty of amenities. Contact us at 716-773-2788!

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