What is Going on with Fantasy Island in Grand Island, NY?

For many years, Fantasy Island, and amusement park located on Grand Island, provided families an adventurous place to go and spend the day at. Throughout recent years, it has been closed and opened back and forth. Now, as the pandemic devastated so many small businesses across the country, the question now is will Fantasy Island re-open? Nobody really knows.

Fantasy Island on Grand Island in NY

Living in Grand Island, NY

Living in Grand Island, NY is quite unique. It’s a quiet and quaint little town with local shops and restaurants. Many who live here enjoy the peace and quiet they get because of the distance from the city of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Although only a short drive to each, you get to settle down in your home or rental with some laid-back vibes.

At Town Hall Terrace, this is exactly what we offer with our rentals. We have patio homes, apartments, and townhouses for rent that come with plenty of amenities and extras on the grounds. You’ll get a business center, fitness center, tennis courts, and security and maintenance on staff. We do hope that Fantasy Island opens up again because it gives locals something different to do during the warmer months.

We Hope Fantasy Island Opens Again

It’s been a crazy and tragic year for many people. The loss of jobs, taking classes from home, financial issues, and of course sickness has devastated our communities across the country. It seems many local and small businesses are struggling to keep their doors open anymore. It is sad to see because now everyone is focused on the internet for their entertainment and life questions.

If and when Fantasy Island re-opens, we encourage everyone who lives at Town Hall Terrace, as well as the locals and out-of-towners to go and support the local amusement park. There is an extensive history with this park, and it needs to be taken care of for years to come.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to move to, contact Town Hall Terrace at 716-773-2788 today or visit us online for more information!

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