Upcoming Summer Events in WNY

Living in Grand Island, NY comes with a plethora of benefits in the summer season. Western New York has some of the best summer months due to being very cold and snowy for most of the winter and rainy in the spring. At Town Hall Terrace, we take pride in our convenient location, and our residents enjoy being so close to all the summer events and activities that this region has to offer.Summer events in Western New York

Here are some events you do not want to miss this summer season in WNY:

Buffalo Greek Festival

The Buffalo Greek Festival will return this summer after a couple years off due to Covid. Since its start in 1977, the Buffalo Greek Festival is filled with amazing culture, food, and music for an entire weekend. It will take place June 3-5.

Allentown Art Festival

The Allentown Art Festival will be held June 11-12 on Allen Street in the city of Buffalo. This will be the festival’s 65th anniversary, so come out and enjoy all the local arts and crafts set up at booths and tables along the street.

Lewiston Garden Fest

Held in Lewiston, NY, this garden club festival has been going on since the birth of the club. The 95th anniversary will be featuring local gardens in the area of Lewiston, NY. This is a great event to come to the beautiful village and see what everyone has been growing.

Taste of Buffalo

The Taste of Buffalo has been a popular event held in the summer for many years. Located at the Niagara Square July 9-10, you’ll be able to taste food from a plethora of local restaurants, food trucks, and other vendors.

Italian Heritage Festival

This is an exciting festival because it is returning to its home on Hertel Ave in Buffalo, NY. Check out a street filled with all local Italian restaurants, live music, dancing, and much more! This event is happening July 15-17.

At Town Hall Terrace, we provide apartments, townhouses, and patio homes for rent in Grand Island, NY. If you’re looking for a quiet area to live in with great amenities and perks with only a short drive to all the buzz, contact Town Hall Terrace at 716.773.2788 today or visit us online for more information about our rentals!


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