Town Board Votes to Ban Truck Stops on Grand Island

Truck StopEarlier this month, Love’s Travel Stop, a national chain of truck stops, revealed that it had plans to build a new location on Grand Island. The news came as a surprise to both residents and local officials, and the response to the proposed truck stop was overwhelmingly negative. Many people were not only concerned about the effect a truck stop could have on public health and property values, but also about its potential implications for the local ecosystem.

“If there were ever a fuel leak, we’re one of the largest freshwater islands and it would totally pollute all water up and downstream from us,” said Grand Island resident Andrea Mondich during a recent meeting of the Town Board. “A bunch of the island residents are trying to keep the island green and keep more open green space for future generations.”

Fortunately for Mondich and other residents with similar concerns, Grand Island officials acted swiftly to prevent the proposed truck stop from taking shape. Last week, the Town Board voted unanimously to ban truck stops from being built anywhere on the island with an amendment to the town’s zoning code.

This is just the latest example of Grand Island’s residents coming together to defend their community in a public forum. Thanks to this spirit of civic engagement, we can rest easy knowing the future of our town is in good hands. To learn more about what’s happening on Grand Island, stay tuned for the latest updates from our blog at Town Hall Terrace!

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