The Benefits of a Dog Park

Dogs need a place to roam around, especially if their living situation isn’t on farmland with plenty of acres to share. Living at Town Hall Terrace provides a dog friendly space for your friend to enjoy roaming and meeting new friends.

Why is it important?

dog catching frisbee at dog park

Space and Freedom

Having a dog park nearby is a great treat for your dog. Living in a nice townhome, apartment, or patio home can be very comfortable for your dog, but they still need some space to run around and play. Having a dog park allows your dog to get the exercise they need, while playing and meeting new dogs. It benefits their physical and mental health.

Changes the Scenery

For dogs, they can get comfortable with their scenery, so it’s important to take them out on hikes and to visit dog parks. It let’s them explore the new territory with their nose. They also have the opportunity to meet new dog friends, and who knows, if you’re single, maybe you’ll meet another single dog parent.

Fresh Air

Dogs need fresh air every day. They need exercise outside everyday as well. Getting fresh air with your dog will both benefit you greatly and having a dog exercise park right near you, is especially beneficial.

Town Hall Terrace features a plethora of pet-friendly apartments, townhouses, and patio homes in Grand Island. Our exercise park is something we are very proud of because it allows you and your pet to get out and enjoy the outdoors, while meeting other Town Hall residents and their pets.

Town Hall Terrace

Do you love the city life, but don’t want to live right in it? Then, Town Hall Terrace is the best place for you. Located right in Grand Island, NY, the terrace offers apartments, townhouses, and patio homes for people looking to have a quiet residence close enough to the busy city of Buffalo or Niagara Falls. Contact Town Hall Terrace at 716-773-2788!



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