Meet your match on the Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts in Grand IslandExpansive green lawns, beautiful gardens, sidewalks and many outdoors activities surround Town Hall Terrace’s apartments, townhouses and patio homes in Grand Island, NY. Residents may enjoy a wide range of outdoor sports and community events at Town Hall Terrace, including swimming, weight training, picnics, tennis, basketball and more.

The tennis courts and nearby basketball courts are a great way for residents of all ages to hone their skills and stay active. Invite a friend, roommate, neighbor or join a family member for a game at any time. Play doubles or go head-to-head on one of the two tennis courts, or get a team together for a game of basketball. Tennis and basketball games are not only a fun way to exercise, but also a great way to meet other residents. The courts are regularly cleaned and carefully maintained, so you have a great place to play.

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