Niagara Falls Aquarium Opens Its New Penguin Habitat

Humboldt PenguinHave you had a chance to visit the Aquarium of Niagara recently? If not, now might be a great time to check it out! This week, the aquarium is opening its new Humboldt penguin habitat which is more than five times the size of its former exhibit. This $3.5 million upgrade is the largest project ever completed at the aquarium, according to WIVB.

The new exhibit features a 15,000 gallon pool and a rocky landscape that closely mimics the penguins’ natural habitat. It also has an interactive microphone system that allows guests to engage in live question-and-answer sessions with the aquarists working in the exhibit.

The habitat currently houses a colony of seven Humboldt penguins, but the aquarium plans to use the additional space to begin breeding more penguins by the end of the year. Ultimately, they hope to have a colony of about 20 penguins.

The Humboldt penguin habitat isn’t the only exciting new addition coming to the aquarium in 2018.

In May, work is slated to begin on a $440,000 jellyfish exhibit as well. Once complete, it will be the first permanent jellyfish exhibit in the aquarium’s 53-year history. The exhibit will reportedly house up to 70 jellyfish in illuminated cylindrical tanks, offering guests the opportunity to get an up-close look at the ethereal invertebrates.

“We’re trying really hard to embrace change, to embrace innovative opportunities to bring in new animals to the collection,” said the aquarium’s Executive Director Gary Siddall in an interview with WBFO. “It’s very consistent with the forward-moving direction that we’ve been able to celebrate over the course of the last few years.”

Next time you’re in Niagara Falls, be sure to stop in and see everything the aquarium has to offer!

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