New York Recognizes Grand Island as a Clean Energy Community

residential solar panelsSince the old Schoelkopf Power Station began harnessing hydroelectric power from the Niagara River way back in 1881, Western New York has earned a reputation for being a regional hub of innovation in the energy sector. More recently, the communities in our area have begun to embrace modern advances in solar power generation as well.

Last year, for example, the Grand Island Town Board unanimously approved plans to build a $7 million solar power plant on an 18-acre plot of land that’s capable of providing electricity for about 400 homes and businesses across the island. Meanwhile, the Solarize Grand Island program is helping to offset installation costs for home and business owners who want to bring solar power to their properties, too.

Thanks to initiatives like these, the Town of Grand Island was recently designated a Clean Energy Community by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

To earn this designation, the Town of Grand Island had to complete at least four of the 10 high-impact clean energy actions listed by NSERDA as part of the Clean Energy Communities initiative. Under the terms of the Clean Energy Communities program, Grand Island is now eligible to apply for funding “of up to $250,000 with no local cost share and the option of receiving up to 25 percent paid in advance to support additional clean energy projects.”

“Solar power is a cost-effective way to preserve our environment and power our community,” said Town Supervisor Nathan McMurray in a statement. “I’m proud to be part of a community that takes this form of energy seriously. Grand Island was one of the first communities in our area to pass a solar law. This summer we had a successful Solarize Grand Island campaign that educated the public about the benefits of renewable energy and resulted in 24 new residential solar installations.”

As a designated Clean Energy Community, Grand Island will now have even more opportunities to improve its renewable energy infrastructure in the future. To learn more about all the things that make Grand Island such a great place to live, feel free to give Town Hall Terrace a call at (716) 773-2788 today!

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