Margery Gallogly Nature Sanctuary to Open Next Fall

Hiking TrailIt’s official: after more than a year of fundraising efforts, the Western New York Land Conservancy has agreed to purchase a 145-acre parcel of undeveloped land from the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo for $269,000. Located adjacent to the Assumption Cemetery on Grand Island, this land will soon become a sprawling nature preserve where people can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, cross-country skiing and birdwatching. The preserve will also offer public access to both the Big and Little Six Mile Creeks.

Now that the deal has been finalized, the Land Conservancy is in the process of planning where the hiking trails will be built in the spring of 2019. According to the conservancy’s executive director Jajuan Rose-Burney, their first priority will be to minimize the project’s impact on the local ecosystem.

“Let’s make sure we’re not hurting any of the ecology, but let’s also make sure people can really experience some of the things that make the preserve really interesting,” said Rose-Burney in a recent interview.

Meanwhile, Town Supervisor Nate McMurray is excited about the impact the new nature preserve will have on the community of Grand Island.

“You really are starting to see a new vision of what Grand Island is, which is in many ways a green haven between Buffalo and Niagara Falls,” said McMurray.

The Margery Gallogly Nature Sanctuary is expected to be open by fall of 2019, but additional work will continue on the project over the course of the next two years. Here at Town Hall Terrace, we can’t wait to get outside and taking a relaxing hike in the pristine forest of this beautiful woodland retreat.

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