Grand Island Will Soon Be Home to a 140-Acre Nature Preserve

Grand Island Will Soon Be Home to a 140-Acre Nature PreserveLooking for a serene place to get away from it all and reconnect with the natural world? Here on Grand Island, a huge plot of undeveloped land owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo is about to become a great destination for nature lovers throughout Western New York.

Even though the 140-acre plot was never officially on the market, the Western New York Land Conservancy recently stepped in and revealed that they are working hard to establish the land as a protected nature preserve. According to Buffalo Business First, the organization is using a $568,000 grant from the Niagara River Greenway Ecological Standing Committee as well as a $200,000 donation from the Gallogly Family Foundation of Houston, Texas to secure the land. Once the deal is finalized, the land will be called the Margery Gallogly Nature Sanctuary.

The new nature preserve will be a beautiful addition to the local community of Grand Island. It will provide a public space for people to enjoy outdoor activities like birdwatching, hiking, cross-country skiing and more. It will also safeguard the plant and animal species that call the land home. Perhaps most importantly, it will offer additional protection for the Great Lakes Basin, which contains more than 80 percent of the surface freshwater in North America.

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