Future Plans for the Buffalo Skyway

For so many years, state and local officials have been trying to come up with a solution to the skyway. Too many, it’s an eyesore in the city, and there are some hazards that go along with it. Windy and stormy days it is closed for safety precaution. The biggest question state officials have is what will we replace it with if they decide to tear it down? The governor already has plans moving forward to try and take the skyway down, but there is no further action plan on what will replace it.

Buffalo Skyway coming down

Skyways Ideas Coming to Light

There were some plans of leaving the structure up but making it a raised park for people to walk through, but that hasn’t been a popular idea amongst many. The most popular thought would be to tear it down and develop all of the land underneath with larger parks and clean up some of the industrial sites around the area. This could be a wonderful thing for the canal side area because it could bring new businesses and help the city’s economy flourish.

Alternative Driving Routes

The Buffalo Skyway provides a driving route in and out of the city running north and south. Tearing the skyway down will eliminate this route, which will leave city and state officials with a problem. Obviously, this problem has to be solved before the structure comes down. There will have to be some route that replaces the skyway for those who take it in and out of the city. The 190 will not be enough for the future of growing populations in Western New York.

The Skyway Projects & Plans are Exciting for WNY-ers

This discussion and plan among the state officials should excite the people of Western New York. The Buffalo Skyway can be convenient at times, but in the long run, it will be better for the government to provide a tear-down solution sometime soon.

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