Fantasy Island Might be Opening Back Up on Grand Island

Fantasy Island amusement park has been in limbo for quite some time. Many residents of Grand Island hold a place in their heart for this amusement park. The people of Western New York would love to see Fantasy Island re-opened and revitalized.

Fantasy Island re-openingLatest News on Fantasy Island

There is some good news for the closed down amusement park, however. The owner of the property has entered into an agreement with the owner of Indiana Beach Amusement Park for a long-term lease with the amusement park. We’re hoping this will allow for a fast track to re-open the amusement park. We’re staying positive as much as we can with this news.

The Benefits of Fantasy Island Re-Opening:

We’re hoping this can actually happen here in Grand Island, NY. This can be a major benefit for the area. Many people have had a rough year and having Fantasy Island re-open can give families something to do on the weekends again. Fantasy Island has some history to it here, and the residents could benefit greatly from it opening.

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