Town Hall Terrace Takes Care of the Fall Chores for You

YardworkWhen you don’t live in a place like Town Hall Terrace where all of the outdoor chores and upkeep are taken care of for you, fall is the season to get serious about maintenance when it comes to the outside of your home. Homeowners and renters alike will be spending the next few weeks doing major chores to care for their homes and lawns before the weather turns cold and snowy, but the tenants of Town Hall Terrace don’t have to worry about a thing. Here are some fall chores you won’t have to worry about if you live here.

Lawn Care

In colder climates like ours here in upstate New York, it’s important to do a lot of lawn maintenance before the winter. Projects like aerating and fertilizing makes a big difference and protects the lawn from issues like snow, mold, compacting and dying off while it’s covered by snow. Living at Town Hall Terrace, all the mowing is taken care of for you, so you don’t have to worry about getting the lawn ready for snow season.

Rake Leaves

All of these chores are in addition to the time consuming chore of regularly raking. Luckily, our tenants have a dedicated staff that will see to all of it, and make sure that the lawn and sidewalks remain well cared for and beautiful throughout the fall and winter months.

Roof Maintenance

During the fall season, when leaves start to land all over the lawn and the roof, it’s important to frequently clear out the gutters. This prevents built up material on the roof, which can ultimately lead to drainage issues that can cause serious water damage and rot issues. For tenants of Town Hall Terrace, our dedicated maintenance staff will worry about this so all you have to do when the leaves start to fall is get out your seasonal decorations!

Pool Closure

Another not-so-fun task that must be done when the weather starts to get a little colder is the closing of the pool. It has to be drained a little bit, chemically adjusted to withstand the winter, and sometimes even drained fully, which can take hours or even days. But tenants at Town Hall Terrace, who can enjoy the pool throughout the summer, don’t have to worry about caring for the pool. Our staff will take care of closing it so you won’t have to think twice.

All of these fall chores are just a few of the many things that you won’t have to worry about if you move to Town Hall Terrace. Our tenants are our top priority, and we’re dedicated to giving you a worry-free home. We’ll concern ourselves with the upkeep and maintenance around here, and you focus on living your life to the fullest.

There are a number of different rental homes available in different floor plans at Town Hall Terrace, and you can choose from the apartments, townhouses and patio homes we have available. To learn more, call us today at 716-773-2788 or apply for tenancy online now.

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