Party in the clubhouse lounge

Party in the Clubhouse Lounge Town Hall Terrace’s Clubhouse Lounge is a large, elegantly decorated and furnished area any resident may use when it is not reserved for an event. The clubhouse lounge is not only a great place for residents to relax, interact and share, but it may also be scheduled for tenant parties.

If you have just moved in and you want to show all your friends and family around your new community, the Clubhouse Lounge is a great place to start the tour. Guests and residents of the apartments, townhouses and patio homes, may use the lounge at any time. With a big-screen TV, spacious and comfortable seating, a gas fireplace and wet bar, the Clubhouse Lounge is an ideal central location for hosting parties. You will be within walking distance of your home, so when the party winds down you and your remaining guests can continue the festivities at your home.

See the clubhouse and many other exceptional features at Town Hall Terrace in Grand Island, NY. Call to schedule a tour of an apartment, townhouse or patio home in the area, and see the many other amenities available in the community.