Renting as a Young Professional is Beneficial

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There’s always the old question of whether you should rent or buy, but for young professionals, it’s not a bad idea to rent. Some people may say it’s an enormous mistake, but when you’re fresh out of college and starting a job, you may not have time or the capital to own a home and take care of it.

The Benefits of Renting vs Buying

So, you’ve got a new job and you’re looking for a place to live in the Buffalo/Niagara area. Town Hall Terrace is the perfect fit for you!

Here are the benefits of renting vs buying while young:

  • No maintenance costs
  • No property taxes
  • Allows you to save money as a young professional for a house in the future
  • Flexibility of location
  • Cost of upkeep is less

Now, this is obviously a recommendation, but if you’re choice is to buy a home instead, that is fine. It all depends on your preference and how you’d rather live. If you don’t really know, which one you should choose, then it’s probably a better choice to rent when starting out in the real world.

Amenities Are a Plus

Owning a home may not come with amenities that can be beneficial when renting. Community pools, gyms, lounges, and security are all amenities that don’t come with owning a home. You may have to pay extra for these items and drive to them.

At Town Hall Terrace, we provide a plethora of amenities for our renters. You can enjoy living comfortably with us, and you won’t have to worry about leaving and driving somewhere.

  • Business Center
  • Clubhouse lounge
  • Dog exercise park
  • Fitness center
  • Heated pool
  • Picnic pavilion
  • Tennis courts

Town Hall Terrace

Town Hall Terrace provides apartments, townhomes, and patio homes for rent in the Buffalo/Niagara region located in Grand Island, NY.

If you’re looking for a quiet, comfortable place to live that’s close to both Buffalo and Niagara Falls with amenities like no other, contact Town Hall Terrace at 716-773-2788!

Why You Should Rent a Patio Home

You may have been a homeowner for many years, and now it’s time you downsize to a smaller home. You may not want to purchase a new home since the market can be a little tight, but you still want a comfortable home to live in. Renting a patio home is the next best thing!

Town Hall Terrace Patio Home

What Do Patio Homes Include?

Patio homes at Town Hall Terrace in Grand Island, NY are the perfect fit for people who want a quiet and relaxing place to live, while not having to take care of a large yard or home.

Here is what comes with our patio homes:

  • Master bedroom and a guest room
  • Washer and dryer in each unit
  • Kitchen, hardwood floors, breakfast bar
  • Microwave, refrigerator, gas stove and self-cleaning oven
  • Living area and sliding glass door to back patio
  • 5 car garage attached
  • Pets allowed and security on duty

With a patio home, you can still enjoy having a small yard where you can plant flowers out front. You also have access to maintenance if you need it.

The Benefits of Renting with Town Hall Terrace

For seniors, it might be difficult to take care of an entire house and enjoy retirement. We have plenty of amenities that come with living in one of our patio homes. You can relax and enjoy our clubhouse lounge, business center, fitness center, heated pool, picnic pavilion, and tennis courts. We also have a professional staff on duty for your convenience! If you have a pet, we also provide a dog exercise park.

If you’re looking to downsize and enjoy retirement without taking care of a large house or yard, Town Hall Terrace is your best choice for that. We are located in Grand Island, NY and close to the city of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Contact us at 716-773-2788!


Why People Love Buffalo

Most locals have an appreciation like no other in the “All America City,” Buffalo, NY. The real question to be answered is what is attracting people to move and live here? You could say that Buffalo has some pretty friendly people living in it considering Canada is just a hop and a skip away, eh? But we know there are plenty of reasons why this city is a secret gem.

Buffalo skyline

It’s Keeping a Good Pace

Buffalo is revitalizing due to government programs, private developers, young college graduates, and dedicated sports fans. It’s at a pace that can be handled by the locals and the newcomers. In many cities that are on the rise, the rebuild is moving too fast. Traffic and congestion in the cities are causing problems because people are moving way too fast and in large numbers. Buffalo is moving at the right pace where new things are happening in a matter where people can relax and enjoy them.

It’s a Pit-Stop

By this, we mean that the music and entertainment scene is booming in this city. The local music scene is attracting big musicians and entertainers such as comedians to stop on by and perform. It’s a pit-stop on the way to Toronto or other major cities. The word is also spreading among artists because they leave the city having a great experience. The reason might be that the people living here appreciate the art and what is happening.

Hollywood is investing in the city:

In recent years, there have been major films that have brought their production to Buffalo. The most recent one was A Quiet Place 2, which was filmed all around Western New York.

It’s Great for Young Professionals

The nightlife in Buffalo has always been alive and well. Now, there is plenty more to do including concerts, comedy shows, art shows, and festivals. Young professionals and recent graduates are flocking to the city because of the cost of rent as lower than most places in the country, but don’t hesitate because it is on the rise due to the attraction.

Town Hall Terrace

If you’re looking for a new and exciting place to live, Town Hall Terrace in Grand Island, NY is perfect. It is the quiet, relaxing place just outside of the city of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Check out all of our rentals and contact us at 716-773-2788!


St. Patty’s Day in Buffalo, NY

It’s finally that time of the year in Buffalo, NY. Spring is not quite here yet, but St. Patrick’s Day is just a couple weeks away, and it is the perfect excuse to get outside and imagine the warm weather is upon us. St. Patrick’s Day in Buffalo has always been a real treat for visitors and residents.

Here is everything you need to know if you’re looking to do something this holiday.

Beer on table at St. Patrick's Day in Buffalo, NY

The Annual “Old Neighborhood” St. Patrick’s Day Parade

There are a couple parades in Buffalo for St. Patty’s Day. The Old First Ward parade is in the old neighborhood. This will be held on Saturday March 14th starting at noon at the Valley Community Center located at 93 Leddy Street, Buffalo, NY.

This parade will kick off the weekend before St. Patty’s Day with a celebration of a parade of floats through the streets of the historic Buffalo River Community on South Park Avenue, Smith Street, Elk Street, Hamburg Street, and South Street.

Check out more information on the events happening this day!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Downtown Buffalo

The big parade and event will be happening on Sunday, March 15th on Delaware Avenue at 2 pm. This event is presented by the United Irish American Association. It will start with religious service (Catholic mass) at St. Joseph’s Cathedral at 10:30 am before the line up for the parade.

Tips for Enjoying St. Patrick’s Day in Buffalo

Buffalo has plenty to offer when this holiday rolls around. Living at Town Hall Terrace gives you the opportunity to enjoy Patty’s day in one of the best cities who celebrate this holiday.

Here are some places to visit during this holiday:

If you’re looking to stay closer to Grand Island for this holiday, check out Dwyer’s Irish Pub in North Tonawanda.  

Looking for places to rent in the Buffalo/Niagara Region? Town Hall Terrace is the perfect spot for you! We offer apartments, townhouses, and patio homes for rent in a quiet, relaxing place in Grand Island, NY. Contact us at 716-773-2788!

The Benefits of a Dog Park

Dogs need a place to roam around, especially if their living situation isn’t on farmland with plenty of acres to share. Living at Town Hall Terrace provides a dog friendly space for your friend to enjoy roaming and meeting new friends.

Why is it important?

dog catching frisbee at dog park

Space and Freedom

Having a dog park nearby is a great treat for your dog. Living in a nice townhome, apartment, or patio home can be very comfortable for your dog, but they still need some space to run around and play. Having a dog park allows your dog to get the exercise they need, while playing and meeting new dogs. It benefits their physical and mental health.

Changes the Scenery

For dogs, they can get comfortable with their scenery, so it’s important to take them out on hikes and to visit dog parks. It let’s them explore the new territory with their nose. They also have the opportunity to meet new dog friends, and who knows, if you’re single, maybe you’ll meet another single dog parent.

Fresh Air

Dogs need fresh air every day. They need exercise outside everyday as well. Getting fresh air with your dog will both benefit you greatly and having a dog exercise park right near you, is especially beneficial.

Town Hall Terrace features a plethora of pet-friendly apartments, townhouses, and patio homes in Grand Island. Our exercise park is something we are very proud of because it allows you and your pet to get out and enjoy the outdoors, while meeting other Town Hall residents and their pets.

Town Hall Terrace

Do you love the city life, but don’t want to live right in it? Then, Town Hall Terrace is the best place for you. Located right in Grand Island, NY, the terrace offers apartments, townhouses, and patio homes for people looking to have a quiet residence close enough to the busy city of Buffalo or Niagara Falls. Contact Town Hall Terrace at 716-773-2788!



Townhomes are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Renting a townhome comes with plenty of benefits. They are becoming more and more popular among singles, small families, seniors, and college grads. The reason could be because of the space and home-feeling you get with a townhome over an apartment complex.

the benefits of renting a townhouse


Considering there is no yard to take care of, these beat out single-family homes. You will not have to worry about the hassle and upkeep of a regular home when you rent a townhouse from Town Hall Terrace.  Our townhouses come with style and space you’d expect to find in a regular home. If you’re not quite ready to purchase a home, condo, etc., this option might be the best fit for you.

  • Your utilities can be bundled together in your rent to make it easier for your monthly bills.
  • 24-hour maintenance service is also available with our townhome options


Generally, townhomes are usually less expensive than single-family homes. They have less square footage, which can help control the cost of rent and utilities. The yard is minimal compared to a single-family home you buy, which means it can be more affordable. With shared walls, they don’t require much energy to heat or cool, which means the energy bills will be lower.

  • Enjoy the comfort of a single-family home without paying higher bills and maintaining a yard
  • Enjoy the maintenance services that come with the rent without having to worry about DIY repairs

Amenities You’ll Enjoy

Most townhomes that share a central community come with plenty of great amenities that residents may enjoy. Some communities include community gyms, pools, parks, etc. At Town Hall Terrace, you may enjoy all of these amenities:

  • Business Center
  • Clubhouse Lounge
  • Dog Exercise Park
  • Fitness Center
  • Heated Pool
  • Picnic Pavilion
  • Tennis Courts

Check out all information on each amenity we have to offer when you rent a townhome from us. We have a professional staff that can help you out with all of your questions and concerns.

Town Hall Terrace

Renting a townhome from Town Hall Terrace has great benefits. We take pride in what we have to offer for people who want a quiet place to live while being located generally close to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Contact Town Hall Terrace at 716-773-2788 today!



Winter Photography in Buffalo, NY

BUFFALO, NY – There is plenty to offer when it comes to photogenic places in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas. When the winter wonderland hits this scenic region, photographers and enthusiasts get out and search for the best spots in town to take those snowy photos. Living in Town Hall Terrace, you’ll have easy access to these wonderful places!

If you’re looking for snowy vantage points, we can tell you where they are.

Buffalo cityscape from City Hall

Vantage Point from City Hall

You can’t ask for anything more when City Hall offers you free access to the observation deck. Viewing the entire city at this vantage point is breathtaking, especially in the winter! Many residents of Western New York never take the opportunity to get a view of their city. This cityscape view will give you an appreciation like no other of Buffalo, NY.

Theater District in Downtown Buffalo

Right on Main Street in downtown Buffalo, NY lies the theater district. This two-way section of the street includes the tracks for the NFTA metro that runs up and down the strip. Even in the snowy winters, this spot is bustling with workers and visitors trying to get a glimpse of the wintery scene. It’s a perfect spot to take portraits in the center of the platform with the metro passing on both sides of you.

Frozen Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls offers an incredible snow globe for winter photos. You may catch a frozen-falls during this time of the year. Even if the falls aren’t completely frozen, the scenery is gorgeous when it is snowy and cold out. The snow around the falls will glisten in the winter light for great portraits and landscape photography.


South Grand Island Bridge

This tucked away spot underneath the South Grand Island Bridge is right around the corner from Town Hall Terrace. Living with us will almost force you to check out this scenic spot. Movies like A Quiet Place 2 were filmed on this bridge. Getting a glimpse of the water underneath when it’s a snowy winter is beautiful. The reflection of the bridge off the water will give you plenty of photos to decorate your apartment or townhouse with.

If you’re in search of a comfortable and quiet place to live in the Western New York area close to these wonderful photo spots, Town Hall Terrace is the place to be. We offer apartments, townhouses, and patio homes for rent with varying prices and plenty of amenities. Contact us at 716-773-2788!

There’s Always Chicken Wings to Be Found in WNY

Everyone talks about the chicken wings in the Buffalo area. Where to find the best ones, and which are the most underrated are topics of conversation with locals and visitors. For our residents at Town Hall Terrace, we’d like you to know about some of the best “off-the-beaten-path” places to find delicious chicken wings.

Chicken wings and beerHere are some of the best places for chicken wings that you may not have heard of:

Sal’s Lounge

Sal’s is located at 283 Olmstead Avenue in Depew, NY tucked away on a regular neighborhood street. It’s a tiny dive bar that serves up some of the most underrated wings in the region. It’s almost always the quiet, not talked about places that serve up some incredible wings. These wings are a little different in that they are breaded on the outside and tossed in some incredible signature sauce. We recommend the medium, which is a tangy barbecue sauce.

Kelly’s Corner

Located at 2526 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, NY, Kelly’s Corner looks just like another Kenmore dive bar, but it’s much more than that. Their medium chicken wings are large and in charge with crispiness. Their hot wings are fired and then coated with a dry rub and hot sauce. The beer is cheap, and the food is out of this world. Check em out!

Nine Eleven Tavern

This place is a small South Buffalo dive bar located at 11 Bloomfield Avenue in Buffalo, NY. This place is usually filled up with the regulars and the wing eaters looking to dip their taste buds into their signature homemade sauce. This has an old-school vibe with one cook in the kitchen, so be patient. They don’t mess around with their wings.

Moor Pat

This place just simply, rocks. Located at 78 E Spring Street in Williamsville, NY, the Moor Pat is one of the best brewpubs in the Western New York region. It has a small, dark interior giving it a speakeasy vibe. Their wings, well, they’re basically out of this world. Their house sauce consists of a Cajun Honey Butter BBQ sauce that compares to the well-known “Barbill” wing. It’s a great place for Happy Hour on a Friday!

Town Hall Terrace

Here at Town Hall Terrace, we offer townhomes, apartments, and patio homes that are located in Grand Island, NY. We are proud of our location because it gives residents a quiet place close enough to the commotion, but also far enough to not have to hear it. We are a short distance from Buffalo and a short distance from Niagara Falls. Contact Town Hall Terrace at 716-773-2788!

What to Do in Western New York this Winter

The winter season is upon us in Western New York, and we want you to know of all the things you can do when it’s cold and snowy outside. Many times, people lock themselves indoors during the winter because they think there is nothing to do. There is plenty going on in the Buffalo region, and we want you to know about them.

ice skating at canalsideCanalside Ice Skating

One thing to do this winter season is to get out to Canalside at the Buffalo Waterfront in downtown Buffalo to ice skate.  Hours of operation are Wednesday and Thursday 3-7pm, 1-10pm on Friday, 10am-10pm on Saturday, and 10am-8pm on Sunday. Enjoy skating with family, friends, or even a date. They offer skate rentals and food, which is located at the snack shack.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in the winter is extremely beautiful, especially when you’re bringing a camera. One big event you shouldn’t miss is the Winter Festival of Lights. This has become a tradition around the holidays. You’ll have to cross the border into Canada to attend the light displays, the Fallsview Sound and Light Show, Holiday Lights Tours, etc.

A Winter Weekend in Ellicottville, NY

Spend a weekend getaway in Ellicottville, which is one of the prettiest places to visit during the winter season. The village is filled with small shops, restaurants, and bars for you to enjoy. Holiday Valley Ski Resort is located right in Ellicottville. You can enjoy a long weekend of skiing, dinner dates, and relaxation in a lodge in this quaint ski town.

Town Hall Terrace

Town Hall Terrace offers apartments, townhouses, and patio homes for rent in Grand Island, NY. The best part about living at one of our homes or apartments is that it’s a quiet place far enough away from all the action, but close enough to venture to. Contact Town Hall Terrace at 716-773-2788 today to learn more about what we have to offer.



The Diner Tour: Western New York’s Best Diners

If you’re living in Grand Island, New York, and you’re looking for some good diners to check out, the Western New York region is filled with amazing small-town diners that will impress your taste buds. We want you to check out these great diners the next time you’re looking for a Saturday morning fix.

doner barstoolsThe Diner Appeal

Diners provide a certain atmosphere that incorporates deep conversation about life lessons and love. They’re the epitome of “Small Town USA” because they offer a picture into the hard-working waiter/waitress lifestyle. Living off tips, working long hours, and appreciating the regular diner customers is what makes diners appealing to everyone.

But let’s be honest…it’s all about the affordable menu prices and all-day breakfast menus.

Here is a list of some of the best, must-visit diners in the Western New York region:

Swan Street Diner – The Swan Street Diner, which is located at 700 Swan Street in Buffalo, NY, is fairly new. The building is a diner car designed by the J.B. Judkins Company of Merrimac, Mass. It’s a tight, fast-moving atmosphere inside with small and quaint booths for 2 people or 4 people. It also comes with the classic diner bar, and the food is fantastic due to the simple, yet eloquent menu.

Soup Lady at the 412 Diner – Another great, tiny place located at 412 Oliver St. in North Tonawanda, NY, is the Soup Lady at the 412 Diner. Specializing in homemade soups and sandwiches at a reasonable price, this place will leave you wanting to come back every single day.

Bertha’s Diner – Bertha’s Diner is located at 1430 Hertel Avenue in Buffalo, NY. This simple place is tucked away on Hertel and is serving some of the best breakfast around the city. Looking for your quick morning fix? This is the place to be, but make sure you don’t sleep in considering it’s only open until 3pm most days.

Peg’s Place – Peg’s Place is a bit of a hike from Grand Island, but it is definitely worth a trip if you’re on your way to the beach clubs past Angola in the Summer months. Located at 4046 Lake Shore Rd in Hamburg, NY, this diner is serving food all day!

Salisa’s All American Diner – This tucked away gem is located at 2214 Niagara Falls Blvd. in Niagara Falls, NY. It is an easy drive from the island making it a must visit diner in the Western New York area. Cooking up old fashioned home cooked meals with a coffee bar and dining tables, this place is serving food all day for you.

Town Hall Terrace

Here at Town Hall Terrace, we offer apartments, townhouses, and patio homes for rent in Grand Island, NY with a plethora of options. If you’re looking for a quiet place to come home to that’s also close to the city of Buffalo and Niagara Falls, this is exactly the place for you. Contact Town Hall Terrace at 716-773-2788 today to learn more about what we have to offer.