Getting Deals on Your Move: Making Moving More Affordable

It can be a huge expense to move. Not only do you need to balance your finances while changing locations, ending and starting leases, and canceling and beginning utility services, but you have to pay the moving guys to pack up all your possessions and move them to your new place. We know that moving isn’t always stress-free, but there are a number of ways that you can save a ton of money on your moving costs.

Lifehacker says the first thing you need to go is get a quote for movers, but don’t just go by the advertised price on the website. If you’re seeing vastly different prices from one moving company to the next, pick up the phone and ask them to give you an actual quote. You’ll find that the price advertised online is often a too-good-to-be-true deal and probably doesn’t apply to your situation. On the other side of things, though, you may be able to negotiate a better price by speaking with someone directly.

For example, if you can be flexible about the days you move, you may want to ask the moving company if it would be cheaper if you moved a day or two earlier or later. Sometimes weekend prices are increased because the demand for moving vans and movers is higher. But if you have the flexibility to plan your move on a Wednesday, you might be able to save hundreds.

The season also plays a role in pricing. If you can, HireAHelper suggests that you avoid moving in the summer – the busiest traffic season for moving during the year. That’s because many college students and families will move during this time between semesters and school years, plus the warmer weather makes it more comfortable to move. Allied Van Lines says you’ll get the best deal between November and December, so if you can move during the holiday season, you might be able to save even more.

US News and World Report also suggests that you take moving as an opportunity to take stock of your belongings and sell any items you’re willing to part with online or through a garage sale. While you might not think selling some extra dishes, books or other items would make you a ton of money, it will definitely add up and help. Plus, but having less to move, you’ll also save on your moving costs, especially if you get rid of a large item like an unused bookshelf, couch or bedframe.

Another way you can save is by getting packing boxes from area businesses. Bankrate says that you should check with your local liquor store to see if you can have some boxes. These are often very sturdy and reliable boxes that are perfect for packing, which means you won’t have to spend a fortune at the office supply store stocking up for your move.

Finally, if you’re hiring movers by the hour, pack up your home and even consider loading as much into your truck as you can before they arrive. That way you’re not paying for their time to do something you could have done. The more initiative that you take to be prepared will pay off in savings once moving day arrives.

If you’re thinking about moving, but not sure where you’ll be moving to, check out Town Hall Terrace. We have apartments, townhouses, and patio homes available now on Grand Island, a convenient location in Western New York that offers a short drive to Buffalo, Niagara Falls and the towns and cities throughout the region. Find out more about our currently available units by giving us a call today at 716-773-2788.

Work On Your Workout at Town Hall Terrace

Our health is very important, and more people than ever are joining gyms to stay up on being fit and active. However, with how busy today’s world is, it can be hard for people to carve out time to make it to the gym. That’s why we here at Town Hall Terrace bring the fitness to you with our on-site fitness center for our residents.

Fitness CenterFeaturing numerous cardio exercise and strength training machines, our fitness center has something every type of gym enthusiast. If you’re looking to get stronger, we have a full line of free weights, two lifting machines as well as an incline and regular bench press to help you pack on that muscle. On the other hand, if you’re looking to shed some pounds before beach season, our fitness center features ellipticals, exercise bikes, treadmills and Stairmasters to help you get your sweat on.

With a fitness center on site, you won’t have to waste time driving back and forth to the gym anymore. This means you can save on your current gym membership costs and the hassle of driving to your gym each day. Plus, the convenience also means you’ll have more time to get in your workout each day, giving you no excuse as to why you can’t fit in a quick workout before work or at the end of your busy day.

Town Hall Terrace also features tennis courts and a heated pool for anyone looking to exercise in different ways. We all know that the time for nice weather in Western New York area is relatively short, but when the sun is shining, these alternatives provide a great way to relax and play while burning a few calories. The tennis courts also offer a chance to exercise with friends as well instead of just being inside at the gym. Invite your friends to the court, have some fun and get a nice sweat in as well.

As for the pool, some days can be really hot during the summer. The pool offers an opportunity to cool down and participate in one of the most complete body exercises one can do. Of course, you can also just splash around and play – after all, some of the best workouts are the ones you don’t even realize you’re doing!

If you’re looking for an apartment, town home or patio home that offers great amenities for you to keep up a healthy lifestyle, then Town Hall Terrace is the place for you. For more information on our available rentals, call us today at 716-773-2788!

Wax Up Your Cross-Country Skis and Head Out to Explore

We live in Western New York, and of course that means that snow is inevitable. However, that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of things to do during the winter months. Holiday Valley is a bit of a drive, but there are several cross-country skiing trails located in and around Grand Island. It is a perfect way to still get in your love for skiing and get some fresh air and exercise! For your convenience, we have compiled a list of cross-country skiing trails that you can check out with help from!

Buckhorn Island State Park

The Buckhorn Island trail is located in the northwest corner of Grand Island. This trail is more than five and a half miles long and is mostly flat, making it the perfect cross-country trail for beginners or anyone looking for an easy-going trail to enjoy on a winter afternoon! The trail goes along the shore and has some great views of the waterline. You may even get to view some of the local wildlife in the area!

Cross Country SkiingWalton Woods

If the Buckhorn Island trail is too long for you, then the Walton Woods trail in Amherst would be a great starter trail. This trail is only 2.3 miles long and is also largely flat. It runs right next to the Audubon Housing complex by Walton Pond. While this trail may not be as secluded as the previous trail, don’t let that fool you. You still get some great scenery and it’s well worth the trip!

Como Lake Park

Located in Lancaster, the Como Lake Park trail is four miles long and runs along Cayuga Creek. They have a warming hut called the Casino, which allows for cross-country skiers to sit, relax and warm up will they’re on their journey. There’s a set trail that wraps around the grounds, or you can feel free to cross the bridges and explore the north and south islands in the area. The world is your oyster at Como Lake Park.

Looking for more options? Check out the full range of WNY cross-country skiing trails on

Whether you love to ski or skate in the winter, there’s no shortage of options for residents of Grand Island. Our community is located in the perfect location, with plenty of great entertainment options available on the island, and Buffalo, Niagara Falls and other locations all accessible within a short drive away. To learn more about making your home on Grand Island with Town Hall Terrace, call us today at 716-773-2788.

Host Friends for the Big Game in Comfort at Town Hall Terrace

It is no secret that Western New Yorkers love football, and especially our Buffalo Bills. While we’re amid the longest playoff drought in the league, the Big Game always promises great game play, and it’s a cultural phenomenon. As you gear up for the championship – rooting for Atlanta, we assume, because what Bills fan would cheer on New England? – here are a few tips to make your shindig for friends and family the real winner of game day.

Prep Work

We recommend starting the day before the big game to make sure you’ve got everything you need covered. The stores are likely to be mobbed, so be sure to get up early to get your shopping done. You can then start doing a quick cleaning process and then setting up the viewing area with extra chairs, your serving table, etc. Placing a garbage can by the food is a great idea and will make clean up later that much easier. If you are picking up food, call and confirm the pick-up time in advance so you don’t end up running around at the last minute. The big game is supposed to be fun, not stressful, so get all you can done in advance.

Football Championship PartyFood

Speaking of food, while you may want to make something extravagant to impress your guests, the truth is that simple foods are always better for the big game. Of course, since we live in Buffalo, we are always going to recommend getting chicken wings. Other recommendations include pizza, subs or other finger foods, like pigs in a blanket. Chips and dip is always a great choice, too, and can pair with a veggie platter for those looking to eat healthy. Don’t forget disposable plates to make cleanup a snap, too.


Half of the battle is setting the mood for the party. We recommend doing a couple of small things, such as rolling out a few tablecloths. You’re also sure to get party bonus points for any football-themed decorations. Real Simple has a couple of cute ideas that will really get your guests in the mood for the game.

Are you looking for a new place to live in 2017? Town Hall Terrace on Grand Island offers a diverse selection of apartments and townhouses, and a convenient location that makes getting to Niagara Falls, downtown Buffalo or any other destination in the region quick and easy. Our properties are spacious enough to offer you ample space for your day to day needs, while being roomy enough to make hosting gatherings for your family and friends comfortable and easy. To learn more ore to set up a tour, call us today at 716-773-2788.

Celebrate Valentine’s In Style at These Restaurants

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about making dinner reservations for you and your special someone to celebrate this romantic day. Let’s take a look at a few of the top picks around the region with help from Step Out Buffalo.

Coco Bistro and Bar

Coco Bistro and Bar is located on Main Street in Allentown and offers both a dark and romantic atmosphere and absolutely divine fare. We would recommend getting a steamer pot of mussels and pomme frites to enjoy. They come in a variety of flavors and they’re reasonably priced! The staff is friendly and warm, too, and this is a wonderful French taste and feel – perfect for a holiday about love.

Valentine's DateTrattoria Aroma

If Italian food is more your style, this Tuscan feeling restaurant is perfect for you. They have a great selection of Italian wine and a selection of scrumptious pastas made all in house. They also have a great rabbit pasta dish for those adventurous eaters. This quaint place is located on Bryant Street in the scenic Elmwood Village.


If you prefer seafood, there is no better place in Buffalo than SEAbar on Ellicott Street. They have a focus on sushi, and even offer a taste of Buffalo – a beef on weck sushi roll. There are other non-seafood items, too, like ramen and short ribs, which means there is something for everyone at SEAbar. This small and cozy restaurant offers a perfect quaint, not crowded feel, and is a lovely choice for your date this Valentine’s Day!

Black & Blue Steak and Crab

If your date loves seafood, but you prefer meat, Black and Blue is a great compromise. Located in Amherst, Black and Blue offers a variety of different meat and seafood selections and sides and, of course, the favorite surf and turf dinner – who wouldn’t enjoy that? This is a wonderful high-end, upscale dining choice, and offers an atmosphere and menu variety to match.

Ristorante Lombardo

This restaurant also has a strong Italian influence, but is easy to get to at its location on Hertel in North Buffalo. We would recommend the wood-roasted figs appetizer to start, served with prosciutto and a nice smoky flavor. The veal rib chop is a savory main course, as well, served with a fresh cherry mostarda, which gives a great flavor to your palate.

Of course, there’s always the option of having a romantic home-cooked meal by candlelight this year, and at your home at Town Hall Terrace, you’ll have all the space you need to make a truly romantic evening. Our fully furnished and spacious kitchens offer all the space you need to make a wonderful meal, and every unit offers a dining area where you and your loved one can share a wonderful Valentine’s Day dinner. To learn more about making your home in our community, give us a call today at 716-773-2788.

Take to the Ice and Enjoy the Winter Season

It’s not truly the winter until you’ve made a trip to the ice rink!

Whether you’re a beginner or an ice skating pro, there’s nothing quite like spending the afternoon on a pair of ice skates with the family to signal that winter has arrived. Here are some of our favorite places in the Western New York area for ice-skating this season!

Step Out BuffaloIce Skating has laid out the best spots in the Buffalo area for ice-skating. There are both indoor and outdoor options, so a too-cold or too-snowy day won’t keep you out of your skates!

For a true wintry experience, head to The Ice at Canalside, located in downtown Buffalo. This outdoor rink in the surging canal district is the perfect spot for skating, especially if there’s snow in the forecast. There are also other fun winter events available, too, like ice bikes, curling, pond hockey and more. This is a great spot to spend the day with the family!

Rotary Rink, also located downtown, is another good option for outdoor skating. With the city lights illuminating the skyline, you’ll feel like you’re in the center of everything. Stop by some of Buffalo’s best restaurants and shops after your skate.

If the weather’s too bad to skate outside but you still want to hit the ice, check out The Northtown Center in Amherst. This indoor rink is perfect for first-time skaters, and skate rentals are only $3 per pair for town residents.

For an indoor option that’s also located in Downtown Buffalo, head to the HarborCenter. This is a great destination for you and the family, with lots of activities to do including ice-skate. Skate rentals are also $3, and children younger than 7 can participate in open skating for just $1.25.

Whether you’re looking for a new home for just yourself, or for you and your family, we have what you need, located in the best part of the Buffalo area. Check out the available Town Hall Terrace patio homes, apartments or townhouses. Learn about some of our many amenities, and apply for tenancy today!

Snowmobile Near Home on Grand Island

Now that winter is here, so are the numerous outdoor activities that many of us participate in throughout the season. Now if you’re a downhill skier or snowboarder, you might have to head south of Town Hall Terrace to do that. However, if snowmobiling is your thing, then your fun is almost literally right around the corner.

Snowmobile Grand Island Snowmobile Club has numerous trails you can head out and ride on to get your snowmobiling fix. They will be opening six trails very soon, so be sure to check the group’s website regularly for any updates on trail conditions and the status of opening.

What’s great about the trails they offer is that many of them are very close to Town Hall Terrace. This means when you’re ready to ride, you won’t have to make a long drive just to get the trails. You can hop in your car and be there within a few minutes, leaving you with more time to ride.

Now, if you are on more of the adventurous side and want to explore more of Grand Island than what is near Town Hall Terrace, Grand Island Snowmobile Club has got you covered. They have roughly 17 miles of trails that run in a circuit around the whole island. So whether you’re new to the island and want to explore or are looking for a change of scenery, the Grand Island snowmobile trails offer you plenty of options.

If you’re going to ride with friends, chances are most of you are going to be tired once you’re done riding. Instead of just sending them home, invite your riding partners back to your home at Town Hall Terrace. With spacious apartments, townhomes and patio homes, you’ll have plenty of room to host your guests and let them warm back up and enjoy a break before heading back home after a day of riding on the trails.

Town Hall Terrace also offers a range of amenities for residents to enjoy in all seasons, including a fitness center, clubhouse lounge and a dog park for your four-legged family members. With numerous local attractions and activities available in the area of just a short drive away, living here offers the best of country club living with suburban convenience. To learn more about our available rentals or to take a tour of our homes, call us today at 716-773-2788!

Ring in 2017 at Great WNY Events

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for something to do right here in Western New York, there’s no shortage of options for ringing in 2017. Let’s look at some of the great options just a short drive away from Town Hall Terrace in Grand Island.

New Year's EveStatler City Ice Ball

The Statler City is located on Delaware Avenue in downtown Buffalo, and is a popular destination for extravagant weddings and events. On New Year’s Eve, the Statler is holding its sixth annual Ice Ball featuring live music, food that will dance upon your taste buds and five hours of open bar. The bands featured in this event cross a number of genres and there’s something for everyone! There are also plenty of local hotels to choose from within a short walk of Statler City, so you can ring in the new year and not have to worry about catching a cab home.

New Year’s Eve at Big Ditch Brewing Company

Located in downtown Buffalo, Big Ditch Brewing Company has definitely made a name for itself. It has a diverse beer selection and there’s something for everyone. Big Ditch is throwing a New Year’s Eve party this year which features beers from their excellent craft brewed selection, as well as a DJ and great food. You can even view the ball drop and fireworks at the Electric Tower from the party! Tickets are $65 a person and can be purchased online.

New Year’s Eve Party at Resurgence Brewing Co.

Resurgence Brewing has been a local sensation since they opened. This year they have decided to have an elegant New Year’s Eve gathering in their tap room from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. They will have food catered by Ru’s Pierogi and BreadHive, and tickets include an open bar with a champagne toast and special beer release! They will even have special keepsake photos and other activities throughout the night. It’s a gathering you will not want to miss! Tickets are $100 per person and available online now.

Ring in the New Year with a new energy and positive vibe – and perhaps a new residence. Town Hall Terrace offers a small, tightknit community that has great energy and a great location, with convenient access to and from Niagara Falls, downtown Buffalo and destinations throughout Western New York. Are you interested in finding an apartment, townhouse or patio home to rent? Call us today at 716-773-2788 to schedule a tour and to learn more about our available units!

Christmas Is Coming: Where to Find Your Tree in WNY

Christmas Tree Christmas is coming, and, that means it is time to decide where you and your family will go to pick your Christmas tree this year. Here in Western New York, there are plenty of farms where you can shop for a tree. Let’s take a look at three of the closest options for tenants here at Town Hall Terrace.

Treetop Acres

Located in Niagara County, Treetop Acres has been growing Christmas trees on a compact 23-acre tree farm for 34 years. With 3,000 trees to choose from, including both fir and spruce trees, you can decide how much time you would like to spend hunting for the perfect Christmas tree. Take advantage of the choose-and-cut service and bring your tree back to your car on a sled, or have the friendly staff at Treetop Acres cut the tree for you. In addition to providing a traditional experience to guests, Treetop Acres also provides machine shaking to eliminate loose needles and a baling machine to wrap netting around your tree for an easier ride home.

Jurek Plantations

Looking for a holiday outing the whole family can enjoy? Visit Jurek Plantations for a family-friendly tree-shopping adventure. At Jurek Plantations, you can select from a wide variety of trees from balsam firs to Austrian pines to Colorado blue spruces. Choose to cut your own Christmas tree or buy a pre-cut tree. Plus, be sure to bring the kids to enjoy a weekend tractor ride and visit Santa while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa.

Akron Acres

At Akron Acres, you will experience more than Christmas tree shopping. Take a horse-drawn hayride to cut down your tree from the selection of Fraser, balsam, Canaan and concolor firs or buy one of the pre-cut trees available. After you find the perfect tree, stick around for some holiday shopping at the country store, sip on some hot cocoa and visit with Santa. You will also have the opportunity to visit the animals on the farm. Once you visit Akron Acres, it is sure to become a holiday tradition.

Bring your Christmas tree back home to Town Hall Terrace and deck the halls with festive holiday joy. For families looking for a quiet retreat only a short drive from Buffalo, Niagara Falls and other destinations throughout Western New York, Town Hall Terrace offers beautifully kept rental townhomes, patio homes and apartments that are comfortable and convenient during the holidays – and throughout the entire year. Call us at 716-773-2788 today to schedule a tour and to learn more about our currently available inventory.

Tips for Hosting Guests During the Holidays

Hosting the whole family and all of your friends for a meal during the holidays can be stressful. You need to clean, make sure you have enough chairs and table space, and manage an oven schedule that will deliver each delicious dish to the table perfectly hot and on time for holiday dinner. Needless to say, we could all use a little hosting help this time of year! Town Hall Terrace is here to give you a few tips for making hosting guests during the holidays a stress-free breeze.

Hosting Family at the HolidaysPlan Ahead

HGTV’s best tip for hosting the holidays smoothly and seamlessly is to make a list and plan ahead! That might seem like a fairly basic tip, but mentally thinking through things and having an actually written out schedule are two different things. If you want to really be thankful this holiday season, put your schedule together in advance and keep checking it to see what needs to be prepped or baked next. Plus, by organizing your cooking and baking schedule, you can also run through your dishes and make sure you don’t forget any of the important ingredients!


Another way to cut down on stress is to cook whatever you can ahead of time. If you’re serving crudité and spinach dip, for example, prep the dip and chop the veggies a day or two in advance. If your gravy recipe calls for four hours of stove simmering, whip that up ahead of time. And when it comes to pies, they keep really well in the fridge for a few days, so get those baked before the day of the festivities and enjoy your sweet dessert without the need for not-so-sweet stress.

Ditch the Fancy Cocktails

Real Simple also suggests that you stick to premade punches and bottles of wine when it comes to the drinks. Serving cocktails can be a fun way to celebrate the day with your friends, but when suddenly you’re trying to make craft cocktails for a dozen people in your kitchen as you juggle pots, pans, serving trays and everything else, it suddenly might not be so fun. Keep it simple and stress-free with simple punches and premade options.

If you realize this holiday season that your home is just too small to host everyone for the holidays, check out Town Hall Terrace’s available apartments and townhouses. Our open-concept floor plans and spacious living areas will make having friends or family over for the holidays more fun and less stressful. Find out more about our currently available units by giving us a call at 716-773-2788.