WNY’s are Hoping the Erie County Fair Happens This Year

The Erie County Fair was definitely missed last summer. Since its beginning, the Erie County Fair has been one of the most exciting events every summer in Western New York. Many residents in the area wait every year for it to take place, and last year, we had to cancel for obvious reasons. This year, we have a little bit of hope.

Town Hall Terrace apartments for rent near Erie County Fair

The governor is working on giving guides to each fair in the state to have them be able to hold their events this summer. So, Western New Yorkers will still have to wait patiently, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel this year for fair goers.

Erie County Fair Staff & Board Planning Ahead

Erie County Fair staff and board are working on their plans for when they get the go-ahead for the fair this summer. They’re looking at all options on what they’ll be allowed to do when it comes to the operation of the event. This is a good sign for all Western New Yorkers who’ve been waiting patiently for the word on the Erie County Fair.

Why is the Erie County Fair Important for the Community?

Fairs are always good for the local community. It brings new business to local shops, and it gives residents of the community something to look forward to every summer. Sure, it can be annoying when it comes to traffic, but it is only once a year.

The Erie County Fair is just another reason for people to relocate to Western New York. With summer approaching, everyone in the area is looking forward to going to festivals, concerts, fairs, and other events. The hope is that we can have all of these events happen with the proper COVID-19 protocols in place for the health and safety of everyone.

Why Move to Western New York?

Western New York, especially the Buffalo area, is a great place to live. For young professionals, it’s a change of pace, yet an affordable one. At Town Hall Terrace, we would love to have you check out our apartments, townhomes, and patio homes for rent. If you’re looking for a quiet place to live with quick and easy access to the city of Buffalo or Niagara Falls, contact Town Hall Terrace at 716-773-2788 today or visit us online for more information!

Growing Family? Young Professionals? Our Townhouses Are Perfect!

Townhouses Western New York is continually growing into a hub for young professionals and families. There are plenty of reasons why younger people are settling down in the area. Buffalo, NY is becoming a large tech hub in the state, and with rent prices being lower than average, people are flocking to the smaller city.

The townhouses at Town Hall Terrace in Grand Island, New York, give tenants the comfort and luxury of having your own home with none of the hassle, hard work or upkeep that usually comes with owning a home. Our different townhouse models boast spacious bedrooms, modern amenities and some of the latest features that you won’t find in other rentals in the area. You can choose from recently remodeled and updated homes or classic models.

Many young professionals will chose an apartment in a busy apartment building, but our townhouses give you the flexibility of renting with the convenience of having your own true space. We’ll take care of the upkeep and maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about shoveling the walkway when it snows or taking care of the landscaping, but you’ll have many of the same experiences of having home all to yourself without any of the property owning hassles.

For young families that are just starting out, owning your dream home may not be a feasible option yet. Our townhouses have three bedrooms in each of our three different floor plans, giving you ample space whether you’re sharing the home with roommates or setting up to start your family. Plus, with no upstairs or downstairs neighbors, you won’t have to worry about the neighbors making noise and waking up your newborn at night!

Whether you’re a young professional who’s tired of living in apartments or a couple looking for a place to start your family, the Town Hall Terrace townhouses in Grand Island have just what you’re looking for. Check out our townhouse page for more information on floor plans and availability, or call us today at 716-773-2788 to schedule a tour.

This Spring, Enjoy the Great Outdoors at Town Hall Terrace

Tennis PlayerAfter spending a long winter cooped up inside, it’s safe to say we’re all ready to get outside and breathe some fresh air. Fortunately, there are a number of great outdoor amenities to enjoy right here at Town Hall Terrace.

Tennis Courts

Backhand technique getting a little rusty? You can practice with friends on one of our beautiful outdoor tennis courts! If tennis isn’t your game, you can also play a round of basketball at the courts right next door.

Heated Swimming Pool

After you’ve worked up a good sweat on the tennis courts, you can take a refreshing dip in our pool! Weather permitting, we keep the pool open all day long for the residents of our apartments, townhouses and patio homes. Social distancing is still in place, so make sure you’re following all the protocols.

Picnic Pavilion

If all this activity is making you hungry, you can fire up the barbecue at our picnic pavilion and enjoy a home-cooked meal with friends. The picnic pavilion is also a great place to meet new people and mingle with the other residents at Town Hall Terrace. There’s also plenty of green space around the pavilion to keep kids entertained on sunny afternoons.

Dog Park

Finally, we can’t forget about our four-legged friends. The dog park offers an opportunity for our pets to socialize with other animals and run off some steam. We have plenty of dog lovers in our community, so your pup will always have a companion to play with.

Interested in learning more about everything there is to do at Town Hall Terrace? Give us a call today, and be sure to ask about our spring specials!

Dog Park/Dog Bar Coming to Western New York

Dog bars are very popular, especially down in the southern states where the weather is decent all-year long. They have the opportunity to use the dog bar and be outside for the majority of the year. There is good news, however. Buffalo, NY is getting its first Dog bar in Cheektowaga, NY. There are plenty of dog lovers in the area that have been waiting for this day to come, and it’s finally here!

Dog bar coming to Buffalo, NY

Dog Bar Provides an Opportunity to Stay Out Longer

Many dog owners have trouble going out with friends for drinks and food because they don’t enjoy leaving their dog alone at home for a long period of time. If you work in an office, that’s already almost 8 hours every day that you have to leave your dog alone. With a dog bar, you can bring your dog out with you and not have to worry about that situation.

Buffalo Needs More Places Like This

In the past few years, Buffalo has slowly been opening up businesses that people are wishing for. There is a complete revitalization of the Western New York area. So many small and successful businesses are opening the doors for everyone to come in and enjoy. It was a little nerve-racking when the pandemic hit because Buffalo was on the rise and doing well beforehand. We didn’t know how the economy would do when the pandemic hit. Luckily, the area has stayed strong, and now we’re seeing more businesses open.

The Importance of Dog Bars/Dog Parks

There are so many dog owners who are looking for more activities to do with their dog. Dog bars and dog parks give them an opportunity. Dog parks are especially important because they provide a place of exercise for your dog. At Town Hall Terrace, we have a dog park on our property. If you’re looking for a new place to live in the Western New York area, we want you to come live with us. We can provide apartments, townhomes, or patio homes for you to rent in Grand Island, NY. We’re a short drive from Niagara Falls and the city of Buffalo.

Contact Town Hall Terrace at 716-773-2788 today or visit us online for more information!

Future Plans for the Buffalo Skyway

For so many years, state and local officials have been trying to come up with a solution to the skyway. Too many, it’s an eyesore in the city, and there are some hazards that go along with it. Windy and stormy days it is closed for safety precaution. The biggest question state officials have is what will we replace it with if they decide to tear it down? The governor already has plans moving forward to try and take the skyway down, but there is no further action plan on what will replace it.

Buffalo Skyway coming down

Skyways Ideas Coming to Light

There were some plans of leaving the structure up but making it a raised park for people to walk through, but that hasn’t been a popular idea amongst many. The most popular thought would be to tear it down and develop all of the land underneath with larger parks and clean up some of the industrial sites around the area. This could be a wonderful thing for the canal side area because it could bring new businesses and help the city’s economy flourish.

Alternative Driving Routes

The Buffalo Skyway provides a driving route in and out of the city running north and south. Tearing the skyway down will eliminate this route, which will leave city and state officials with a problem. Obviously, this problem has to be solved before the structure comes down. There will have to be some route that replaces the skyway for those who take it in and out of the city. The 190 will not be enough for the future of growing populations in Western New York.

The Skyway Projects & Plans are Exciting for WNY-ers

This discussion and plan among the state officials should excite the people of Western New York. The Buffalo Skyway can be convenient at times, but in the long run, it will be better for the government to provide a tear-down solution sometime soon.

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City Convenience, Country Calmness

City Convenience, Country CalmnessSometimes the hustle and bustle of the city can become too much, but it’s hard to give up the convenience and closeness that city life has to offer. Luckily, you can have the best of both worlds. Welcome to Town Hall Terrace, where you can find city convenience and country calmness all in one location.

With beautiful apartments in a relaxed atmosphere, Town Hall Terrace is a great place to live. Select from a variety of one- and two-bedroom apartments with spacious floor plans on 33 acres of manicured landscape nestled at the center of Grand Island, New York. Whether you are a young professional, retiree or new family, our quiet and peaceful community is just what you’ve been looking for.

Your family will feel safe and secure in a community with so much to offer. From lush green space to luxurious amenities, your home will be a dream come true. Residents can take advantage of the area’s top-rated schools, local parks, delicious restaurants and churches of all kinds in the area.

With a country club feel, it can be hard to believe that life at Town Hall Terrace is conveniently located just minutes away from downtown Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Lockport. Here you will find the perfect environment that balances the relaxed environment and space of country life with the quick access, convenience and amenities of living in the city. The excitement of the Buffalo is not far away for fun events, popular nightlife and shopping. On the other hand, you can quickly travel out to the countryside and take advantage of the beautiful outdoor activities available in Western New York, like golfing, boating, beaches, hiking and the majesty of Niagara Falls.

Take a stroll outside to walk through the welcoming neighborhood or enjoy the view from your balcony or kitchen island. In addition to the convenient amenities located within walking distance, you will be only 30 seconds from the 190 onramp.

Town Hall Terrace is ready to help you find the perfect apartment home. Give us a call at 716-773-2788 to schedule a tour and see for yourself the allure of living in such a beautiful community.

4 Restaurants to Check Out in Grand Island, NY

If you’re new to Grand Island, NY, it might be difficult know which restaurants are the best in town. Living in Grand Island, NY has so many perks due to the fact that you’re minutes from Niagara Falls and minutes to downtown Buffalo. You do have the benefit of living in a secluded area that is away from all the bustle with only being a short drive.

The restaurants on Grand Island are some of the best and most notable in the Western New York area. If you’re new to this area, here are some restaurants you should make sure to stop by at:

Chicken Wings from Western New York

Adrian’s Custard & Beef

Adrian’s Custard & Beef is a place you should consider stopping at. For someone new to the area, it’s important to check out the local cuisine. We understand the name of the restaurant doesn’t sound like there is anything unique on the menu, but in fact, you’ll eat one of the best Beef on Weck sandwiches in Western New York here, which is a staple food for the area.

John’s Pizza & Subs

John’s Pizza & Subs is a must-stop if you’re new to the region. Western New York and the Buffalo area is known for chicken finger subs, chicken wings, and pizza. Combining them all, you create a Chicken Finger Pizza. This place has one of the best in the area. If you’re looking to embrace the chicken finger/wing obsession here, then this is a place for you! It is also home to the original chicken finger sub.

Dick & Jenny’s

Dick & Jenny’s is a real treat for many here in Grand Island, NY. The restaurant has handcrafted, homemade food that incorporates tastes from Louisiana. The couple met in New Orleans working together at a restaurant. They then decided to open up a restaurant down there after getting married. They eventually moved up to Grand Island, NY and opened this place after selling the old one down in New Orleans to their employees. Both are in operation today!

The Village Inn

Everyone should be trying out this fantastic restaurant if they enjoy homemade cooking and big portions. For anyone who moves to this area and misses their mom’s cooking, The Village Inn is the place where you can satisfy your hunger.

Grand Island, NY is a quiet place to live in, but it provides you with short travel times to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. You can still enjoy the bustle of these cities without having to hear them during the nighttime. At Town Hall Terrace, we offer apartments, townhomes, and patio homes for rent with a plethora of amenities. Contact us today at 716-773-2788 or visit us online for more information!


What is Going on with Fantasy Island in Grand Island, NY?

For many years, Fantasy Island, and amusement park located on Grand Island, provided families an adventurous place to go and spend the day at. Throughout recent years, it has been closed and opened back and forth. Now, as the pandemic devastated so many small businesses across the country, the question now is will Fantasy Island re-open? Nobody really knows.

Fantasy Island on Grand Island in NY

Living in Grand Island, NY

Living in Grand Island, NY is quite unique. It’s a quiet and quaint little town with local shops and restaurants. Many who live here enjoy the peace and quiet they get because of the distance from the city of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Although only a short drive to each, you get to settle down in your home or rental with some laid-back vibes.

At Town Hall Terrace, this is exactly what we offer with our rentals. We have patio homes, apartments, and townhouses for rent that come with plenty of amenities and extras on the grounds. You’ll get a business center, fitness center, tennis courts, and security and maintenance on staff. We do hope that Fantasy Island opens up again because it gives locals something different to do during the warmer months.

We Hope Fantasy Island Opens Again

It’s been a crazy and tragic year for many people. The loss of jobs, taking classes from home, financial issues, and of course sickness has devastated our communities across the country. It seems many local and small businesses are struggling to keep their doors open anymore. It is sad to see because now everyone is focused on the internet for their entertainment and life questions.

If and when Fantasy Island re-opens, we encourage everyone who lives at Town Hall Terrace, as well as the locals and out-of-towners to go and support the local amusement park. There is an extensive history with this park, and it needs to be taken care of for years to come.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to move to, contact Town Hall Terrace at 716-773-2788 today or visit us online for more information!

How to Make Moving Easier for Yourself

Moving into a new place is very exciting. It gives you a fresh start and a new place that you’ll live in for the next year at least. The moving process is always a stressful one, especially if you have a good amount of furniture. Most people do not look forward to the actual moving day because moving large furniture, bedroom sets, and all of your belongings can take hours or even days. It also can be strenuous on your body.

Moving into a new home

However, there are always ways to make the moving process easier on yourself. For one, consider hiring a moving company for the heavier belongings like furniture and bedroom sets. You may also look at getting rid of unnecessary belongings to lighten the load when moving.

Hiring a Local Moving Company

A moving company is worth it. Many companies also provide packing services if you’re unwilling to pack up your things. It’s a good idea to organize everything first if you’re going to take this route. We recommend at least packing and labeling boxes for your own sanity. A moving company will not only help you move all of your furniture, but they’ll make sure everything stays safe.

The Benefits:

  •  Eliminate stress of moving
  • No need for lifting heavy furniture/belongings
  • Quick and easy delivery to new home/apartment
  • Ensure safety of belongings

 Declutter Before Moving

Another way to make moving easier on yourself and your family is to declutter your belongings before you move. Cleaning your current home or apartment and getting rid of useless items can help lighten the load of the move. Also, when decluttering your belongings, moving into a new place will relieve stress and give you a fresh new look with your place. Cleaning and decluttering can immediately relieve stress and anxiety of moving.

The Benefits:

  •  Get rid of unnecessary belongings
  • Relieve stress of moving
  • Organize your necessary belongings
  • Have a cleaner and more organized new home

At Town Hall Terrace, we understand that the moving process can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you arrange for movers or try and declutter your belongings. If you’re looking for new apartments, patio homes, or townhouses to lease, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re located in Grand Island, NY. Contact Town Hall Terrace at 716-773-2788 today or visit us online for more information!

4 Reasons to Live in Western New York

Western New York is a region that has so much to offer for people who are looking to live here. Not many people think of Western New York as the first place they’d want to move their home to, but you’d be surprised to what the area can give you when you decide to be welcomed here. At Town Hall Terrace, we believe Western New York is one of the best places to live.

And here’s why…

City skyline in Western New York

Cost of Living in WNY

The area in and around Buffalo is rather inexpensive compared to many other parts of the United States when it comes to buying a home, renting an apartment, or even renting out property. In the overall scope of expenses in the area, it’s much cheaper compared to the rest of the country. With renting, housing, food, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses, you can’t beat the price.

The Food & Drink of Buffalo

Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas have quite a bit to offer when it comes to dining. From all the fame foods like chicken wings, beef on weck, chicken finger subs, breweries, and other food, you won’t be able to contain yourself. Western New York is a place where small business is kept sacred. It drives the community and the culture of the lifestyle we have here, which means the food is only going to taste that much better knowing the hard work of this community.

Job Market

Small cities with a large community around them cater to many different careers and jobs. Young professionals are finding the area rather easy to make a living in while affording all the expenses in their life. We take pride in our work hard and play hard.

The People of Western New York

When moving to a new place, it can be stressful. Besides the stress of moving all of your belongings, it can be difficult to make new friends and find a community to share your life with. In Western New York, you don’t have to worry too much about it. The people are here to welcome everyone who wants to come and stay. We take pride in our sports teams, small businesses, and weather (yes, it’s cold in the winter, but the summers here can’t be beat by any other place).

If you’re looking for a place to move to, don’t hesitate to contact Town Hall Terrace at 716-773-2788 today or visit us online for more information!