Amazon Purchases Large Piece of Property on Grand Island

Sources say that Amazon has just purchased more than 184 acres on Grand Island for a large distribution center for the massive company. This could mean an adjustment for Grand Island infrastructure will be coming considering the traffic increase with delivery trucks.

Amazon shipping process

What Could This Mean for Grand Island?

If this project comes to fruition, it could bring some good benefits to Grand Island and Western New York in general. For one, if this one million-square-foot building is built, it could hold 6,000 employees and have space for 1,000 delivery trucks to park.

The news has just surfaced, so we don’t know exactly what the plans are yet. If it happens, this will bring plenty of jobs to the area, which will benefit the economy.

The concern may be for traffic and the bridges.

The bridges on the island are pretty old, which means housing Amazon will call for a large amount of trucks crossing over constantly. This may cause traffic issues for residents and others getting on and off the island.

According to Grand Island Supervisor Nate McCurry, he knows there will have to be some changes to the infrastructure regarding the bridges. This could cause a hiccup for people, but the payout might be a large gain for the island and the surrounding area.

Check out the analysis from Dr. Fred Floss, an economic professor at Buffalo State College.

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