4 Restaurants to Check Out in Grand Island, NY

If you’re new to Grand Island, NY, it might be difficult know which restaurants are the best in town. Living in Grand Island, NY has so many perks due to the fact that you’re minutes from Niagara Falls and minutes to downtown Buffalo. You do have the benefit of living in a secluded area that is away from all the bustle with only being a short drive.

The restaurants on Grand Island are some of the best and most notable in the Western New York area. If you’re new to this area, here are some restaurants you should make sure to stop by at:

Chicken Wings from Western New York

Adrian’s Custard & Beef

Adrian’s Custard & Beef is a place you should consider stopping at. For someone new to the area, it’s important to check out the local cuisine. We understand the name of the restaurant doesn’t sound like there is anything unique on the menu, but in fact, you’ll eat one of the best Beef on Weck sandwiches in Western New York here, which is a staple food for the area.

John’s Pizza & Subs

John’s Pizza & Subs is a must-stop if you’re new to the region. Western New York and the Buffalo area is known for chicken finger subs, chicken wings, and pizza. Combining them all, you create a Chicken Finger Pizza. This place has one of the best in the area. If you’re looking to embrace the chicken finger/wing obsession here, then this is a place for you! It is also home to the original chicken finger sub.

Dick & Jenny’s

Dick & Jenny’s is a real treat for many here in Grand Island, NY. The restaurant has handcrafted, homemade food that incorporates tastes from Louisiana. The couple met in New Orleans working together at a restaurant. They then decided to open up a restaurant down there after getting married. They eventually moved up to Grand Island, NY and opened this place after selling the old one down in New Orleans to their employees. Both are in operation today!

The Village Inn

Everyone should be trying out this fantastic restaurant if they enjoy homemade cooking and big portions. For anyone who moves to this area and misses their mom’s cooking, The Village Inn is the place where you can satisfy your hunger.

Grand Island, NY is a quiet place to live in, but it provides you with short travel times to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. You can still enjoy the bustle of these cities without having to hear them during the nighttime. At Town Hall Terrace, we offer apartments, townhomes, and patio homes for rent with a plethora of amenities. Contact us today at 716-773-2788 or visit us online for more information!


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